Leitrim Landscapes

Tasting Spring in Leitrim 2016, scroll down for info

Leitrim Landscapes Guided Walks is a small, eco business located near Manorhamilton Co. Leitrim in Ireland’s North West and was established in 2007. Local guides Nuala McNulty, Tina Pommer and Rob Wheeldon offer guests and locals “off the beaten track” walks and talks giving guests an opportunity to experience the North West in a unique way.  Everything we do is in tune with nature and the guests’ wishes. Our nature walks are based on the seasons. The themes of the walks are: nature, archaeology, foraging, bird, bat, butterfly and moth identification and local history and folklore.  Leitrim Landscape Guided Walks specialize in tailor made walks for groups of 10 or more. We cater for individuals on request and have a calendar of walks for 2015 and this flexibility together with our ‘quirky’ approach makes the experience very special. Eco friendly accommodation located in the heart of nature available at http://www.tawnylustlodge.com

Tasting Spring in Leitrim



This event is a five course feast for the senses;

See the spring flowers that appear in this magical woodland location
Hear the first of the spring birds
Taste the newly provided wild food
Smell the wild garlic and woodland aromas
Touch all that nature has to provide for you

Sat April 16th, Lurganboy, Manorhamilton, Co.Leitrim

Dutch King of Clubs Group

Bridge over River Bonet


Spring is such a wonderful time to connect with nature. We have put together an enchanting  two day nature extravaganza for you. The primrose (prima rosa -first flower)  has heralded spring. The Wood Anemone (wind flower) is shaking its head in the breeze and the bees and butterflies have made their first appearances of the season. We will introduce you to foraging in Leitrim and  give you cooking tips and recipes for local foraged food found by the shores of the Bonet river. 
Duration 2 hours, 1-3pm
Refreshments served
Adults €15/day €25/2 days, children free
Dogs welcome

Sun April 17th, Fowley’s Falls, Rossinver

Source Foraging 2012

Foraging with Tina

Meander by the banks of the Glenaniff River and savor the freshness of the forest in spring. Gather wild garlic leaves and beech leaves while listening to bird song, Rob, the resident bird expert will share some fascinating facts about bird behaviour. Enjoy stunning views of the waterfalls. Foraged food tips and recipes available to participants.
Duration 2 hours 2-4pm
Adults €15/day €25/2 days, children free
Dogs welcome

Accommodation available at; TAWNYLUST LODGE

Walks are fun and in a very relaxed atmosphere. Tina’s foraged food cookery tips and Rob’s insights into the animal world as well as a few local stories will give you a laugh and keep you enthralled.  Visualize yourself in a peaceful remote forest with  birdsong as the only sound and surrounded by the most amazing natural landscape- well, that’s where we’ll bring you!

For more information on what we do, visit; LEITRIM LANDSCAPES GUIDED WALK

Contact Nuala on:
E mail; tawnylustlodge@gmail.com
Mob: 087 9172143 Landline: 071 9820083
Web: www.tawnylustlodge.com


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